Our region is widely known for its world-class fishing, immense beauty, and good water quality, making it a popular destination for people worldwide. However, this brings with it the pressure related to development, recreation, and increased population.

Everyone who lives in the Coeur d’Alene Basin or recreates in it has a responsibility to help protect the good water quality we currently enjoy. Simple things, such as picking up after your pet or having your septic tank pumped regularly, can help contribute to good water quality. Other strategies may be more involved, such as managing the stormwater runoff on your property. There are many ways to protect the beauty of Our Gem, Coeur d’Alene Lake. Check out the subjects below or Contact Us for personalized recommendations. Our team members are available to you as a non-regulatory resource. We have access to scientists, engineers, and other natural resource professionals to help answer your questions.


Whether you own property along the lakeshore, or live further upland, there are many things you can do to ensure that potential pollutants from your home don't reach the lake.

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Coeur d'Alene Lake and its tributaries are the economic drivers of our regional economy. Local businesses can help support the health of our environment.

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Coeur d'Alene Lake's clear blue waters invite swimmers, boaters, and waterskiers. Fall and spring see duck hunters and fisherman alike to take advantage of its bounty.

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Our staff works closely with the University of Idaho, North Idaho College, and area schools on promoting the natural resources and STEM education in the region.

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